A Little Chalk Fun at Work: Writing Patient Names on the Signboard

We are ready to welcome the fall at Mill Bay Veterinary Hospital after a busy summer.

We have started to use a large signboard (chalkboard) to write our daily patients names on. When clients walk up to our front door with their dog in tow or kitty friend in a kennel, they like to pause and read their pets name on the signboard. There have been many positive comments made to our reception staff about the signboard, and we are happy to share this improvement. Each night, when our appointments have finished, one reception member writes the next day’s patients names in coloured chalk. It is usually performed by our newest reception member Courtney who has an artistic flair and enjoys creating a masterpiece each evening. Courtney will take each piece of coloured chalk and make that stubbly little chalk ends dance all over the board.

Connecting with our clients makes our job more rewarding and creates lasting relationships with our clients as well. We look forward to writing your pet’s name on our signboard this fall!

If you have other great clinic ideas for us, send us a message and let us know.

Written by: Meghan Seal