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Dog Grooming and Nail Trimming for Dogs

Some dogs are very good at wearing their nails down during regular exercise, but dogs that are less active or elderly will need their nails trimmed to keep them at a proper length. With regular trimming your dog is less likely to tear a nail, you will hear less toe taping when your pet walks around, and the in extreme cases it will make it easier for them to walk around.

How often should I cut my dog’s nails?

The rate at which nails grow varies from patient to patient. You can try trimming the nails once a month and see if that is sufficient for maintaining an acceptable length.

Excellent practice, great team, always helpful. VERY sorry to see that emergency services will no longer be available, I hope…

Lisbeth Plant

I love Dr. McGinty. She is the best! Only downfall is the wait times are almost always 20 minutes.

Carrie Van Dreason

Very caring and available. Dr Stevenson returns calls. She even called to make sure my cat was ok!

Cecile Pelletier

Agreed to see our sick goat within hours of my initial call. Were kind, professional, and thorough. Felt we were…

Heather Mccue

Very good vet clinic. Helpful, friendly staff. Non judgemental care. ☺️

Christina Cook

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