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Pet obesity is a common health problem that may be caused by genetics, high fat diet, overeating, lack of exercise and health problems such as hypothyroidism. Common health problems associated with obesity are lameness and arthritis, diabetes, exercise intolerance, overheating, increased anesthetic and surgical risk.

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When is a dog considered to be overweight?

Ideally, you cannot see your dog’s ribs, but you can easily feel them. Your dog should have a waist, and the stomach tucks in behind the rib cage. If you have concerns or questions, please have your veterinarian do a body condition score to analyze your dog’s weight and follow recommendations for a weight correction program.

Are some breeds prone to obesity?

Genetics can play a part in obesity.

Why should my dog have weight loss consultation at the clinic?

Consultation with your veterinarian can lead to a formula and plan for your dog to lose weight safely and successfully. Weight loss programs are designed to keep your dog happy between meals and lose weight safely. Regular weigh-in dates help track the success of the program and lead to a maintenance program for a long and healthy life.

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