What are the symptoms of arthritis in dogs?

The symptoms of arthritis in dogs can present as limping, slowing down in regard to mobility, difficulty getting up and down, restlessness while sleeping, and lack of enthusiasm doing normal activities.

What causes arthritis in dogs?

Poor joint confirmation, injury to a joint, and age-related cartilage damage can all lead to arthritis.

What are some treatment options for arthritis in dogs?

After a diagnosis of arthritis, we can offer a variety of treatments to keep your dog comfortable. Some treatments such as NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories) will generally need a blood panel baseline to confirm normal kidney and liver function, while injections such as cartrophen can be administered weekly or monthly. Specialty diets and/or nutritional supplements are also available to help control symptoms of this disease.

Can I give my dog aspirin?

We do not recommend giving human medication to dogs for pain due to the side effects, including severe GI ulcerations and liver disease.

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