Bruno Stays Home

His big sad eyes watch your car back out of the driveway. It’s time for Bruno the dog’s family to leave for a few days at Christmas. He paces at the window as the house sitter attempts to distract him with his rope toy.

When families get together from near and far, sometimes we need to leave our pets at home with a house sitter or at a boarding kennel. Here are a few tips to consider before you travel.

  • Our pets can sense change and anxiety as we prepare to travel. Keeping a collar on your pet with identification tags is a great idea in case they escape their surroundings.
  • Sending an email to your veterinarian with the dates that you will be away, contact information and instructions in case of illness, this can include a maximum dollar amount as well. It may sound insensitive, but if a decision needs to be made by the caregiver, this information can be very helpful and relieve a bit of stress.
  • If your dog or cat needs to be put into a boarding kennel, make sure their vaccines are up to date to prevent illness and follow the kennel regulations.
  • Having a house sitter come to your home while you are away is a great way to keep your dog or cats routine the same. A house sitter can be a family friend who stays at your home or a person who is hired to come and check on the animal multiple times per day.
  • Dogs and cats are adaptable to new situations. If your pet is sensitive to change, keeping the routine as normal as possible while you are away may prevent any added stress to your pet.

Enjoy your holiday this Christmas season, and know that Bruno has been enjoying the time with the housesitter and he is excited for your return.

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Anya Earl

They so far seem just lovely. we are new to them and they are new to us.

Tj Cleroux

Amazing prices for a veterinary clinic. Amazing, caring staff




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