Spoil Me This Christmas Season

Christmas is on the way and at this time of year comes treats.

Treats of all shapes and sizes! Turkey with all the trimmings, mixed nuts with lovely aromatic spices, mandarin oranges, sugar cookies decorated by sticky-fingered little humans, and creative warming beverages. Although these mouth-watering items are delicious, they also may be dangerous for our furry friends.

Do you love to have a box of chocolates easily accessible for when company arrives or when the craving hits after a long day at work? Chocolates (dark chocolate especially), coffee and caffeine can be toxic to our pets.

So what can you do to please your dog and cat? Try purchasing treats that can be given when the ‘puppy dog eyes’ shine at you as you munch on chocolate. Dental treats are always a good idea as they satisfy your dog and help remove tartar from their teeth as well. Many cat treats are small and can complement the diet that they are on.

Chocolate toxicity is one of the most common concerns for pets during the Christmas season.

If your dog has consumed chocolate, please call your veterinarian.

Grapes and raisins, alcohol, onions and garlic and xylitol are other items that may not be good for your pets. Xylitol is a sweetener and can be found in gum, candy and baked goods.

Other than treats and Christmas goodies being harmful to your pet, please remember that giving treats to your pets can also cause weight gain, which can shorten their lifespan.

Remember, share the love with your pets this holiday season, not your treats.

Have a Merry Christmas from all of us at Mill Bay Veterinary Hospital!

Written by: Meghan Seal, Inventory Specialist/Senior Receptionist



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