Adventures in (Veterinary) Pet Sitting

Being asked to look after a client’s pet while they are away, feels like quite an honour, that they trust us to keep their beloved safe.

Recently, I was asked to stay over for a one night’s stay at a client’s house. They have two mature male dogs that were to be cared for in their home. Honestly, I saw this as a one-night reprieve from being a mom and wife. Time to walk the dogs and take a break! Mickey and Zac were leary upon my arrival, late in the afternoon. I had only seen them from the other side of the counter in our reception and the treatment area at Mill Bay Veterinary Hospital. They both sat on the top of the couch and watched, as I entered the house and neither wanted to go outside, as I called them in a sweet voice. After a few unsuccessful attempts at calling them, I raided the refrigerator to find a package of hotdogs. Perfect! A little food motivation should help. I lured them both outside and proceeded to rub their tummies and introduce myself. We ate our dinner together, then proceeded to take a walk through their neighbourhood. Our evening went by fast, as we snuggled on the couch, through two episodes of CSI. Up to bed we went, I shared the king size bed with both Zac and Mickey. They are around ten pounds each and I still had plenty of room.

We all slept pretty well, and I awoke at 7 a.m. to find Zac and Mickey both sitting awake at the end of the bed. I sat up, and they both looked shocked. I think they must have forgotten who I was. Mickey bolted under the bed, where he stayed until I coaxed him out with a few kibbles.

Prior to leaving for work, we had a good walk around in the backyard, I filled their bowls with breakfast and popped Mickey’s medication down his throat. Their parents would be back soon, so they had some time to lay around on the couch.

It was great to spend an evening with the critters, checking out a new neighbourhood, and having a morning off of taking kids to school!

Written by Mill Bay Veterinary Hospital