Marijuana Toxicity: What To Do If Your Pet Ingests Cannabis

With those little green buds being as convenient to purchase as a bottle of your favourite merlot, it leaves the chance that your dog (or inquisitive cat) could ingest this substance if left accessible.

Another danger to your pet is the THC in butter used to make certain types of baked goods. These treats for humans can be very toxic to our pets. THC has been baked into a variety of different forms ranging from candy (appearing in a ‘gummy’ like form), chocolates or cookies.

If a dog or cat were to ingest a portion of a marijuana cookie or other marijuana substance some of the side effects can be as followed:

dog illustration
  • Eyes can be quite dilated
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Stumbling or appearing disoriented
  • Becoming lethargic or dull
  • Repeated vomiting
  • Drooling

If you are aware that your pet has ingested marijuana or a derivative, get them into a safe place where they don’t have access to the stairs and call your veterinarian for medical advice. Depending on the amount ingested, having a vet administer IV fluids to your dog or cat may help flush the drugs from their system. Marijuana toxicity cases are seen sporadically at our hospital, and most patients going home after fluid therapy has been administered, gradually resume their normal activities.


Keep your pets (and children) safe by storing marijuana in a well-secured area. Remember, these substances can be found in many different types of households. Even though it will become legal, let us be responsible pet owners and keep it far away from our furry friends.

If your pet has eaten marijuana of any form and you are uncertain on how to proceed, please give us a call at 250.743.3223.

Written by: Meghan Seal