Your cat may be the king or queen of your castle, but you can be sure they are always looking to explore other territories. All it takes is a window or door left open for a few seconds for your feline friend to escape. Fortunately, your chances of finding them are greatly improved with new devices such as microchips. To learn more about how these technologies can provide you with peace of mind, give us a call at 250-743-3223.

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Are microchips safe for cats?

Absolutely. The microchips are made of materials that are 100% compatible with your pet’s body. They are meant to last their entire life, and there is no risk of any kind of toxicity. There are rare occasions when the microchip may malfunction, but again, this poses no danger for the pet. The chip will simply need to be fixed to ensure it works properly once again.

Do cats need to be sedated when they are being microchipped?

Not necessarily. Most patients do really well during the procedure. They may feel a slight pinch, but other than that, most patients do not need sedation or anesthesia when getting microchipped. It can certainly be administered to pets that are highly anxious, if needed.

Where are microchips usually placed in cats?

We typically put the chip just underneath the cat’s skin, in between their shoulder blades. This is also where we typically place chips for our canine patients.

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