Senior Dog Care

Veterinary care, exercise, and nutrition all play a part in the quality of your dog’s life. Prevention is the best medicine, which includes regular wellness exams, which provide early detection and treatment plans to improve the quality of life and longevity for your dog.

When is a dog considered a senior pet?

Beginning at around seven years of age your pet enters his or her senior years.

What are the most common health issues experienced by senior dogs?

Just like humans, dogs can develop common diseases such as diabetes, heart, kidney, liver disease and cancer. Mobility issues, lumps, and dental issues are all common problems to be discussed with your Veterinarian.

How should I care for my senior dog?

Annual wellness exams, with blood and urine testing, give our veterinarians a strategic advantage for maintaining the health of your pet. When you note changes in behaviour, appetite, exercise, and mobility and bring them to the attention of your vet, diagnosis and treatment can be started to maintain your dog’s active lifestyle.


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Last updated: October 13, 2020

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