Close up of surgeons operating on a dog

Surgery Service for Dogs

What types of surgical services do you provide for dogs?

We perform a variety of both elective and non-elective surgeries at our facility Monday to Friday. Elective surgeries would be considered spaying, neutering, and dentistries. Non-elective surgeries consist of soft tissue procedure, eye enucleation, bladder & kidney stone removal, amputations, lump removals. Our surgeries are performed in a sterile environment in our surgical suite. Pain management is addressed before, during and after each surgical procedure. All patients are monitored carefully using medical equipment such as an ECG (to assess the heart), Doppler (to measure the animals blood pressure) and a pulse oximeter (which measures oxygenation and heart rate). These duties are performed by Registered Animal Health Technicians who are also monitoring your pet’s anesthetic. All surgical patients are kept warm using water heated blankets. When the surgery has been completed and the patient has been monitored for any concerns, animals are sent home with detailed discharge instructions.

Friendly and honest vet clinic. More than willing to make the 45 minute drive for quality service for our furry…

Mike Bainbridge

Excellent staff, great with dogs. I've brought a few hard to handle dogs in for owners and the staff is…

Shanna Macdonald Dog Trainer

Safest place to go to get your pet help when needed.

Richard Normand


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