Two parent dogs and their eight cubs sitting in a row

Breeding Services for Dogs

The Mill Bay Veterinary Hospital provides semen shipment services to Breeders in our area that have semen currently stored at our facility. We also are able to do OFA certifications of breeding dogs and provide natural breeding procedures. We provide pregnancy confirmation by ultrasound and puppy count by use of radiographs, nutritional support, and whelping assistance as needed.

How does the clinic help dog breeders and kennels to keep their pets healthy?

Having a good line of communication with our breeders allows our hospital to provide up to date knowledge and services that ensure the health of breeding dogs, and subsequently healthy litters of puppies.

Are you authorized for semen collection, evaluation, freezing and storage?

We have a semen storage facility here and are able to store, package and ship semen if needed.


A Little Chalk Fun at Work

We are ready to welcome the fall at Mill Bay Veterinary Hospital after a busy summer.

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