cat services

Cat Grooming and Nail Trimming

What grooming services does the clinic provide?

We offer dematting, lion cuts, and nail trims for our feline patients. Dematts are when you only want the mats removed and the rest of your pet’s coat brushed. A lion cut is a full body shave, not including the lower legs, head, and tail.

What is your booking and cancellation policy?

We like to book our grooming packages for a day or half day admission. Some cats are amiable to our clipping and brushing without sedation. We provide a quiet room, and a comfortable kennel to relax in between grooming sessions. Our experienced staff are able to manage these cats for dematting with as little stress as necessary, however, there are exceptions where the cat or the grooming project cannot be completed without sedation. At this point, our trained staff will be able to provide the best medications to make the experience as simple as possible. Nail trims are booked for an outpatient appointment, where your cat has his/her nails trimmed by an experienced staff member.


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