Nina Sleik from Mill Bay Veterinary Hospital holding a white, fluffy cat

Nina Sleik

Veterinary Assistant

I was a professional gardener for 20 years and decided I needed a change. I have always rescued cats and subsequently spent a lot of time at the vet where I now work. I became interested in the medical aspect of my cats' care so when I was looking for something else to do, it seemed like a natural transition. I bugged and bugged my boss until she finally hired me (probably just to get me off her back!).

I was a client here for 12 years before I started working here and it was the only place I wanted to work. I started in October of 2013.

I'm always quite fascinated by the surgeries we do. My boss is a gifted surgeon who does surgeries that most vets don't do so we get to see some amazing things. My favourite thing about the clinic without a doubt, my co-workers. They are my family. I love how bright and open it is and how much natural light we have.

Fun fact about me, every morning at 7:00 I run 10km. My first pet as an adult was a gorgeous black and white cat who showed up on my back porch one day. I started feeding him and he became comfortable with me. One morning he showed up with the skin of his lower jaw hanging loose. I took him for his first vet visit and after that we were inseparable. I called him Cat Stevens.


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